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What is bk-MAPB?

bk-MAPB is a psychoactive substance that belongs to the substituted amphetamine class. The chemical name for bk-MAPB is 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine. It is also known by its street name “benzofury”, which is often used to describe the related compound 6-APB. bk-MAPB is a designer drug that has gained popularity in the recreational drug market due to its euphoric and empathogenic effects.

Physical and Chemical Properties

bk-MAPB is a crystalline powder that is often sold in capsule or tablet form. It has a molecular weight of 211.3 g/mol and a molecular formula of C12H15NO. The substance has a melting point of 178-179°C and a boiling point of 320-321°C. It is soluble in organic solvents like ethanol and chloroform but has limited solubility in water.

Pharmacology and Effects

bk-MAPB acts on the central nervous system by increasing the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin in the brain. It primarily acts as a releasing agent for these neurotransmitters, leading to increased feelings of euphoria, empathy, and sociability. The drug’s effects can last for up to 8 hours, with the peak effects typically lasting 3-4 hours after ingestion.

Positive Effects

Some of the positive effects of bk-MAPB include:

  • Euphoria and increased sociability
  • Enhanced sensory perception
  • Empathetic and emotional feelings towards others
  • Increased confidence and creativity

Negative Effects

Like any other psychoactive substance, bk-MAPB has its share of negative effects. Some of these include:

  • Anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Difficulty sleeping and insomnia
  • Depression and mood swings

Legality and Safety

bk-MAPB is illegal in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is classified as a Schedule I drug, which means that it has no accepted medical use and has a high potential for abuse. The long-term effects of bk-MAPB use are not well understood, and there is a risk of addiction and dependency with frequent use. Therefore, it is important to use caution when handling this substance and to follow harm reduction practices.


bk-MAPB is a potent psychoactive substance that has gained popularity in the recreational drug market due to its euphoric and empathogenic effects. However, it has also been associated with a number of negative effects and can be addictive with frequent use. It is important to exercise caution when handling this substance and to be aware of the legal and safety risks involved.


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