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HEP, also known as N-ethyl-hexedrone or NEH, is a stimulant drug that belongs to the cathinone class. It is a synthetic derivative of cathinone and is structurally related to other substances like hexedrone and pentylone. HEP is a relatively new drug and was first reported in the market in 2015. It is considered a research chemical and is not approved for medical use.

Chemical Properties

HEP is a white crystalline powder that is soluble in organic solvents and slightly soluble in water. Its molecular formula is C14H21NO and its molecular weight is 219.32 g/mol. The chemical structure of HEP consists of a phenethylamine skeleton with an alkyl chain of six carbons and an ethyl group attached to the nitrogen atom.


HEP works by interacting with the dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin transporters in the brain, leading to the release of these neurotransmitters. This results in increased stimulation, euphoria, and wakefulness. HEP is known to have a fast onset of action, with effects lasting for several hours. The exact pharmacological effects of HEP are not well-understood, and more research is needed to determine its safety and efficacy.


HEP is a potent stimulant drug and can produce a range of effects, including increased energy, focus, and motivation. It can also cause feelings of euphoria, increased sociability, and sexual arousal. However, HEP can also cause negative effects such as anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia. Long-term use of HEP can lead to addiction and other health problems.

Short-Term Effects

– Increased energy
– Increased focus and motivation
– Feelings of euphoria
– Increased sociability
– Sexual arousal
– Increased heart rate and blood pressure
– Dilated pupils
– Sweating
– Insomnia
– Anxiety
– Paranoia
– Hallucinations
– Psychosis

Long-Term Effects

– Addiction
– Physical and psychological dependence
– Cardiovascular problems
– Liver and kidney damage
– Respiratory problems
– Cognitive impairment
– Psychiatric disorders
– Increased risk of stroke and heart attack

Legal Status

HEP is a controlled substance in many countries, including Sweden, where it is classified as a Schedule I drug under the Act on Control of Trade in Narcotics. It is illegal to possess, distribute, or sell HEP in Sweden and many other countries.


HEP is a potent stimulant drug that has gained popularity in the recreational drug market in recent years. Its chemical and pharmacological properties make it a potentially dangerous drug, with a high risk of addiction and negative health effects. It is important to be aware of the risks associated with HEP and to avoid using it. If you or someone you know is struggling with HEP addiction, seek professional help immediately.


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